What to do in Preveza

Discover the ‘island’ on the mainland

Preveza will make you think you’ve reached an island, particularly if you arrive by boat. Buy an ear of grilled corn from a sidewalk vendor and walk along the seaside esplanade where cafes and restaurants are sandwiched between neoclassical buildings. In the pedestrianised centre, you’ll come across surprises at every corner: bookshops, belle epoque teahouses, outdoor tables overflowing with tasty titbits, cosy bars, restaurants and avant-garde photoshops.

Sights from across the centuries

Among the many sights in Preveza are the Seïtan Bazaar, Archaeological Museum; the clock tower and its sun dial; the church of Agios Haralambos with its carved wooden iconostasis, and the religious paintings from 1780 in the church of Agios Athanasios and Pantokrator Castle, built in 1807 by Ali Pasha to control the straits.

Ancient Nikopolis

Octavian, later to become Augustus, won a decisive victory against the combined forces of Antony and Cleopatra at the naval battle at nearby Actium in 31 BC and he founded Nikopolis (victory city) to commemorate his triumph. Much later, the emperor Justinian strengthened the fortifications, the reason the walls are still standing today. In this huge archaeological site, you’ll come across the remains of 5th and 6th century basilicas, among much else. And don’t miss the Archaeological Museum of Preveza for major finds from the city’s long history.

Countless beaches, countless choices

Sixty kilometres of sandy beaches and fine swimming await you from Preveza to Parga: Loutsa, Valtos, Lychnos, Ammouthia, Lygia, Kastrosykia…the list goes on. Some are secluded and practically untouched, some organised with busy beach bars.

Source : https://www.discovergreece.com/